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About us

Yo Traveller’s mission is to match the best yoga retreats with yogis all over the world!
When you create a dreamy yoga retreat, and you want to reach a global market, then we are here to provide the help you need in order to reach your customers.
We consider anyone who lists their yoga retreat with us, as part of our global family.
We hope you will join us, become our partner and share your unique retreat with the world.

Our mission is to offer a high quality platform for unique yoga retreats globally.

You will find that whether you want to enjoy first class yoga combined with diving in the crystal blue ocean in the Maldives, climbing mountains in Peru, sailing with whales in south America, or you want to go horseback riding in Tuscany – you can find it all here with us.

Yo Traveller – Who are we?

CEO Sara Roland.

Yo Traveller is created to help yogis around the world connect with people who wants a journey inwards, as well as outwards.

Many yoga teachers create amazing yoga retreats, and we want to share them with the world.

When yoga is part of any travel experience, I find that the perspective moves me on a much deeper level – and I know that I share this feeling with millions of yogis around the world.

Let’s give something back!

The globe has become our playground!

When that’s said – visiting other cultures is a wonderful gift – not to be taken for granted!

That is why we aim to spread the love and we always support various karma yoga projects around the world.

My hope is that you will find that this website helps you connect with likeminded souls worldwide, and I hope further more that you will find it in your heart to give something back to the places you visit while exploring the many cultures out there.

Yo Traveller strongly support any initiative to create eco friendly yoga retreats!

And every time you make a booking via our website, you automatically support the project we support. Read more about them in our newsletter.

Please let us know if there is a special foundation or support organisation that you want to suggest!


Tom Ambus

Tom creates the ying & yang balance in Yo Traveller. He is the counter weight to Sara Roland’s creative thinking, and the technical wizard, whom makes it possible to create this union of yogis and yoga retreat creators globally.

Tom is the man who, every day works on developing this website, to make it the best on the market, and his goal is to create a platform, where the user can be creative, in stead of being limited by technical nonsense. Leave that to him…!

Tom is your guy when;

  • You have questions – any question about this website is welcome!
  • Want to create your yoga retreat – and need guidance.
  • Want to be an intern and work side by side with the creators of this unique yoga retreat platform – we are always looking for talent!